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6 Sustainable Brands We're Loving This Month

We use so many different products every day, moving to a more sustainable lifestyle can feel quite overwhelming at first. But with lots of awesome sustainable brands coming onto the scene the job just got a whole easier...dare we say fun?! We've compiled a list of our favourite brands at the moment that will help you get one step closer to being a sustainable superhero.


No one likes going to put the dishwasher on and realising you haven't got any dishwasher tablets. Well Smol have managed to solve this problem whilst being plastic free too! Their subscription dishwasher and laundry tabs are delivered straight to your door in clever cardboard packaging. They've also just released a refillable fabric conditioner to pair with the washing tabs. Founded with the mission to make a better and more sustainable way to buy cleaning products they've created a product that's not only effective, but gentle on your bank balance too. We're big fans of Smol here in the Wild office and still get excited when the packages arrive on our doorstep!


Have you ever thought about all the coffee grounds that are thrown away each morning? Well UpCircle have. Back in 2016 sibling co-founders Will and Anna took the leap of faith to see if all those coffee grounds could actually be used to benefit our skin...and not just our energy levels. We, the Great British public, loved it and now UpCircle has gone from strength to strength using lots of different natural by-products to create their extensive range of skincare. The best thing about UpCircle...it works, like really works - their Instagram feed is flowing with before and after skin pics to inspire you.


We really do like to judge a book by its cover when it comes to fruit and veggies, but in reality even if it's slightly wonky it will still taste just as yummy. Oddbox are on a mission to rescue odd and surplus produce to help reduce the huge food waste problem that we have in the UK. It's simple, you choose the box that works for you and they source the surplus veggies which arrive on your doorstep at the frequency you choose. Not only do you get lots of yummy veggies, but their handy meal plans make sure you don't waste any of the rescued produce.


Did you know 90% of those cleaning products you are buying are actually made up of water, well Neat have eliminated this by letting you add the water. This means you can reuse the spray bottle and just add in a concentrate of the ingredients which Neat provide in handy little recyclable refill (we're a big fan of refills if you didn't already know!). Neat don't compromise on effectiveness whilst saving the planet and your spray bottle will keep you going for life, just like your Wild case...

Tony's Chocolonely

You can stuff your face with as much Tony's Chocolonely chocolate as you like and still know you've ticked the sustainable and ethical boxes...we like the sound of that! Not only that but this is probably the most satisfyingly thick bar of chocolate you will ever experience. It's how we imagine Willy Wonka would make his chocolate. From classic milk to white raspberry and popping candy, you can play it safe or try one of their mouth watering selection of flavours. We're a big fan of Milk Caramel Sea Salt here in the Wild office if you're not sure where to start.


A lot of us would admit we are shopaholics and a trip up Oxford Street doesn't leave much to be desired from a sustainability perspective. Finding sustainable wardrobe options can be hard so we head back to the high street, but when you experience Pangaia's comfies range you may just change your mind. With so many Instagram worthy colours to choose from you might just decide to turn your whole wardrobe into sweatpants and tees. Pangaia are on a mission to use science to save the world and their collections are carefully created with the highest quality sustainable materials.

With so many emerging brands out their to choose from, sustainability is finally becoming something we can all do, but it's not always easy to find those hidden gem brands. We'd love you to share your favourite sustainable brands with us so we can check them out!

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