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Listen to Wild's shower playlist below:

Get ready to groove in the shower like never before with our refillable, natural body wash! We've put together a carefully curated playlist, designed to elevate your shower experience. So, pump some sustainable body wash, and let the music transport you to your happy place as you enjoy the goodness of a more eco-friendly self-care routine.

Let your thoughts drift towards a greener shower...

A Wild 4 minutes

Splish, Splash, and Save Cash! According to Thames Water, those quick showers aren't just eco-friendly; they're wallet-friendly too. By cutting back on your shower time, you're not only preserving precious water but also trimming down those hefty utility bills. So, why not turn your daily rinse into a splashy 4 minute challenge? You'll be doing your part for the planet and have some extra dough for a post-shower treat! ⏱️

Chill out with a cold shower

Did you know that taking cold showers can give your eco-consciousness a refreshing boost? Not only do these invigorating icy plunges wake you up faster than a double shot of espresso, but they also save energy and water. No need to wait for the hot water to kick in, which means you'll be reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on your utility bills at the same time. So, next time you're debating between hot or cold, consider Mother Earth and dive into a chilly adventure that's as green as it is exhilarating! ❄️

Turn off to lather up

By simply turning off the tap while you lather up, you're not only saving water but also dancing to the rhythm of sustainability and our Sudsy Serenades playlist. It's like a mini victory dance for the planet every time you suds up. So, next time you're scrubbing away, remember that you're not just cleaning yourself – you're cleaning up your water usage act too! 🚿

Squeaky clean and green

Our refillable, natural body wash is the ultimate shower sidekick you didn't know you needed! Dive into a world of eco-luxury as you discover the magic of this vegan, cruelty-free and skin-loving formula. With a commitment to reducing plastic waste, every body wash refill means one less plastic bottle in our landfills and oceans. It's a refreshing cleanse for you and the planet, packaged in sleek, stylish bottles you'll be proud to display. So, why settle for ordinary when you can go Wild?

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