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We're proud to introduce our Boob Case in partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! Our collaboration aims to raise awareness about the importance of getting to know your body, so you can detect any changes that may be an early sign of breast cancer.

Regardless of gender, everyone has breast tissue, and we want to encourage you all to take charge of your health by SWIPING YOUR PITS and CHECKING YOUR TITS!

Meet CoppaFeel!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, but early detection is key to successful treatment and higher survival rates. That's why CoppaFeel! is on a mission to promote early diagnosis and empower young people to take charge of their health by educating and encouraging them to get to know their bodies and check regularly.

We're committed to donating Β£10,000 to CoppaFeel! to support their work.

Boob Case in all it's glory

Why the Boob Case?

Through its eye-catching design, we want the boob case to remind you that checking your breasts, chest, or pecs is just as normal and important as putting on deodorant.

Just as you use Wild every day, it's crucial to check your body at regular intervals, such as every time you load your Wild case with a fresh refill. We hope that our Boob Case will serve as your regular reminder to give yourself a check. With time, it will become as routine as swiping on deodorant every morning.

How to check your body

Checking yourself shouldn't be scary and we just want to encourage you to get to know your body so you can detect earlier any changes that may be a sign of breast cancer. It just means becoming more familiar with the way your chest area looks and feels. This includes your rib cage area and all the way up to your collarbones and armpits. CoppaFeel! has a great checking resource on their website to guide you.

If you notice a change that persists for a week, get it checked out by a doctor. While most changes are natural and harmless, it's always important to be cautious because early detection is key to treating and surviving breast cancer. In fact, when diagnosed at its earliest stage, 98% of people with breast cancer will survive their disease for five years or more.

Remember: If in doubt, get it checked out!

The Wild team made a boob of themselves!

The Wild team made a boob of themselves!

To spread our message loud and clear, we hit the streets of London dressed up as giant BOOBS! We hope our playful approach encourages people to take charge of their health and make regular self-checks a part of their routine.

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