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We love things that are natural at Wild and nothing is more natural than a bit of sweat!

Sweating may seem a bit taboo at times, and no one likes that feeling of self-consciousness at a stressful work meeting or bumping into someone after a serious workout because of the unpleasant smell which is undoubtedly lingering. But sweat is good! Our bodies are designed to do it and there are important reasons for this natural function. This is why we've made a deodorant that works WITH your body, rather than against it!

Sweating is cool(ing)

Sweating is crucial in regulating our body’s temperature - it's one of the most powerful adaptations humans have. If our bodies didn't sweat, we'd all be panting like dogs, or rolling around in the mud like hippos to cool off. The human body uses sweat to cool the body during times of stress brought about for various reasons such as anxiety, raised body temperature (whether that be a fever due to illness or due to an environmental factor like a sunny day or even a sauna) or the positive stress of exercise.

Added benefits of sweating

Sweating can also promote healthier skin by improving skin cell turnover, protect our hearts by increasing circulation and strengthening the cardiovascular system (especially if you're doing a sweaty workout!). It can also help speed up recovery after exercise, lower stress hormones, and hey, some say it even boosts sexual desire and attraction! Powerful stuff, eh?

So why do antiperspirants exist?

Despite all these benefits of sweating, it is still the norm that most of us use antiperspirants because we've been told that sweating is "gross" or a sign that we aren't very fit. Antiperspirants use chemicals including aluminium salts that work to clog up our sweat pores (hence the name anti-perspirants) and prevent our bodies from carrying out their natural sweating function.

Let's sweat it out!

At Wild we have worked hard to create a deodorant range that allows the body to carry out its normal and healthy processes but stops that "fragrant aroma" and annoying pit stains we use a careful selection of natural ingredients to keep your skin dry and smelling fresh all day.

Check out the range here!

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