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We are SO excited to introduce our Love Heart case in partnership with Choose Love, the humanitarian aid charity that is dedicated to supporting refugees and displaced people globally. Our collaboration aims to encourage people to extend love to those in need, beyond just partners and family.

We’re committed to donating Β£10,000 to Choose Love to support their incredible work.

Meet Choose Love

Choose Love supports refugees and displaced people globally by providing legal support, shelter, medical support, education and more for those fleeing war and persecution.

They go where the need is greatest, working closely with their incredible partners across 36 countries to give them what they need to help people.

Since starting in 2015, Choose Love has raised over Β£90 million and supported over 450 community based, frontline organisations providing life saving support to millions of displaced people. It is their mission to ensure people do not fall through the cracks in global support.

Why the Love Heart case

In joining forces with Choose Love, we aim to bring to attention the importance of spreading love far and wide, to those in need as well as to our loved ones.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to encourage everyone to choose a gift for people and the planet and put their love towards helping raise money and support for refugees and displaced people around the world. At Wild, we believe it is crucial to extend our heart and hands to those in need and by participating in humanitarian efforts, we can collectively build a more compassionate and inclusive world.

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