Our new seasonal scents are now available

After the smashing success of our first ever Scent Club back in September 2021, we soon set a date for the next one. On November 1st, Wild fans were again invited to come and check out Wild HQ and help weigh in on the direction our scent selection would take in 2022!

Back in the September meet-up, it was all about picking the festive and wintry scents which, thanks to that first scent club’s findings, suggestions, and decisions, you may have been wearing on Christmas Day 2021.

Wild fans at the HQ πŸ’š

At this meeting, we also asked for some suggestions for the following year’s Spring/Summer releases, so we could get some samples whipped up ready for the next scent club meeting.

In this more recent meet up, we were hence solely looking ahead to Spring and Summer 2022 (sorry, how is it already 2022?), as the Winter scents had already been locked in, tested, refined, and sent to production.

As people arrived, as well as delicious snacks and a nice range of beverages, we had our scent samples prepared, many of which had been created by our lovely fragrance house, and we also had a couple of new fragrance houses bringing their scents to the table. This is because you can send the same scent idea and request to different houses, and get 2 completely different refills back, and we wanted to make sure we were able to find the best scent combos out there!

We soon set about doing some blind smell tests of what we had, ranging from floral to fruity to fresh and even to ones that were simply named after types of weather (we’re a poetic bunch). During the blind smelling tests, we didn't reveal the scent names because we know this can affect how people smell the scents, because you end up looking for what you’ve been told. We’re sure the psychologists of the world agree on how devastatingly suggestable we all are!

We asked everyone to rate each scent out of 5, with 1 being β€œabsolutely NOT the one for me” and 5 being β€œthis is the BEST thing I’ve ever smelled”. In classic tournament style, we slowly knocked out the least popular scents in head to head battles until we were left with our winners.

The names of all the scents were then revealed - some more surprising than others! We asked for feedback on how we could make the winning scents EVEN better, either by making the scent stronger or less strong, or by changing the name and scent description. All suggestions were welcome and noted down.

With all this invaluable information in tow, we bade everyone who came farewell, and took our notes to the drawing board for the Operations team. We will now keep refining the scents selected by the team, so that they’re all ready for your lovely underarms this spring.

We’d like to say a massive Wild thank you to everyone who came, and we look forward to the next session! Those who came are always welcome to come back again, and if you’re interested in attending next time but haven’t had the chance to before, please do keep an eye out for the next announcement and sign up form...see you soon!

Team Wild

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