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The Retro Swirl case is here! Meet our funkiest pattern inspired by decades of eco movements 🌈🌍πŸ’ͺ

This week, our latest case design, Retro Swirl, was launched. This design is more than just your perfect sustainable bathroom accessory, it has been inspired by the revolutionary eco movements of the 1970s and their impact on today's society. Let’s take you through some of the most important moments in sustainable history over the last few decades!


Although some environmental action was certainly made before this, we will start with the 60’s.


Rachel Carson publishes the iconic book Silent Spring, which highlights the dangers of pesticides on creatures such as birds. This book is incredibly impactful and is now known as a catalyst for mainstream environmentalism.


The Santa Barbara Channel oil rig explodes, causing an oil spill spanning 800 square miles, killing 10,000 birds, and reaching lakes where many fish die. This demonstrated how precious the earth is and that humans need to take action.



The first Earth Day was held on 22nd April 1970, which saw 20 million people on the streets of the US to protest against environmental damage and destruction. Although this was not the first eco-movement, it was the most largely documented due to it’s scale, location and uproar.


The 80s saw many significant changes such as various environmental Acts passing in the US, UK, and European countries. The marine conservation activisim organisation Sea Shepherd successfully clears pirate whalers from the Atlantic Ocean. News of a hole in the Ozone layer is reported by Joe Farman from the British Antarctic Survey.


On April 26th was the explosion of Chernobyl Nuclear power plant. This was undoubtedly the worst nucelear disaster in history, releasing a radioactive cloud over northern Europe. Another major catalyst for environmental action.



Over 4 million Ogoni people of Nigeria protest the destruction of the Niger River delta homeland by Shell Oil. This movement resulted in thousands of deaths and arrests.


Important year for the β€˜Save the Narmada Movement’ in India where thousands protest against a number of large dam projects.



Following President George Bush pulling out of the Kyoto protocol in 2001 and not committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, large protests were staged and culminated in the Global Day of Action march in 2005. Worldwide protests took place, with the β€˜National Climate March’ as the event for the UK.


25,000-100,000 climate activists took to the streets of Copenhagen on December 12th, midway through the UN’s environmental summit.



400,000 demonstrators gathered in New York City to increase knowledge about climate change with diverse attendees. This was under the slogan β€œTo change everything, it takes everyone”


The Global Climate Strike in September 2019 saw 7.6 million people around the world join forces to demand action from global leaders over 8 days.

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