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Like many natural deodorants, we use bicarbonate of soda in our mainstream formula. It’s a great natural deodoriser but sometimes it’s not always kind to more delicate skin types and we find a small number of people can react to it.

We've listened to feedback from our customers and have introduced a Sensitive Skin range so everyone can enjoy the colourful and sustainable world of Wild, without any stinging or irritation.

Creating a bicarbonate-free formula has been no easy feat and it’s taken over 9 months and dozens of iterations to create a deodorant we’re confident will keep your pits feeling happy and smelling great. To make the perfect formula, we’ve swapped out bicarbonate of soda for magnesium hydroxide and zinc ricinoleate. Magnesium hydroxide stays on the skin, rather than being absorbed, and helps battle that odour-causing bacteria, and the zinc ricinoleate, which is made from a fatty acid, brings some excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to the formula. Together, these natural ingredients have similar effects as bicarb, in that they react with the body’s sweat to prevent odour, but don’t cause irritation.

We’ve also added in rice starch to absorb moisture (aka your sweat!) and, like the main range, the formula is still vegan, aluminium-free and made with vitamin E, coconut oil, cacao seed butter, sunflower seed butter, and shea butter to give it that silky smooth Wild application.

The Sensitive Skin range comes in the same biodegradable, bamboo pulp refills that can be inserted into your Wild case and is available in the following classic Wild fragrances: Coconut Dreams, Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom, and Bergamot Rituals. We’ve already put the deodorant to the ultimate sweat test and can happily say it’s got the big thumbs up.

Not sure whether you should go for our sensitive or mainstream range? If you've never had an issue with natural deodorant, go for our mainstream range. If you've reacted to natural deodorant before, or have very delicate skin, go for our Sensitive Skin range, or get a mix of both formulas to find your perfect deodorant for you.

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