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Wild's 2022 Black Friday Event

This Black Friday, we are hosting our biggest event yet. Not only are we offering 25% off across the site for 10 whole days, for every mirror case purchased we will be planting two trees. This is our biggest discount and biggest tree planting project. We aim to plant 100,000 trees over 10 days this Black Friday.

To add even more excitement to the event, we are launching not one, but three brand new and exciting festive scents. First, we have Frankincense & Myrrh with warm woody spices and vanilla, if it was good enough for the ancient kings then it's perfect for your pits! Next, the mouth watering Apple & Cinnamon mimicing the aroma of freshly baked apple crumble or cinnamon swirls, the hints of vanilla and nutmeg will keep you smiling all day! Finally, we have the iconic Mulled Wine, it may not get you tipsy but the smell of red wine, cloves, oranges and cinnamon will certainly turn heads!

Can Black Friday be a sustainable event?

As a small company, we cannot stop the waste that all Black Friday sales will cause by not taking part. Instead, we’re using this time as an opportunity to challenge shopping habits for the better and propel sustainable products into the mainstream.

The way we see it is that people are going to be buying more than usual and everyone will be looking for a good deal. So, with all this attention and all those cards at the ready, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a sustainable, single-use plastic-free option to fall into as many people’s baskets as possible. Ultimately, the more people we can get to ditch the throwaway plastic, the bigger the environmental impact we can have and that’s what we came here to do.

We’ll plant two trees for every mirror case sold

We really mean it when we say we want Black Friday to be a green event and have partnered up with ONAMISSION to plant TWO trees for every mirror case sold.

We’ve named this Project Wild Forest 2.0 and with your help are hoping to plant a huge 100,000 trees across the world as part of sustainable reforestation projects happening in Zambia, Senegal, Madagascar and more. Tree planting initiatives like these are one of the most effective natural solutions to mitigate climate change as trees absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide - a greenhouse gas and contributor to global warming. Our Black Friday forest joins the 303,000 trees we have already planted to make Wild your favourite carbon-negative deodorant.

We can’t wait to see some new faces joining the Wild side or if you've been here a while and are planning to give Wild as a gift, don’t worry about β€œwhat if they think that I’m saying they smell if I give them deodorant for Christmas?” - we gifted a LOT of deodorants last year and they went down a treat.

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