Our new seasonal scents are now available

Hey there trick or treaters!

Guess what? We’ve launched a new scent and it has Halloween written all over it. Most of you guessed it would be something like Pumpkin Spice but we’ve bucked the trend (slightly) and proudly present to you… Toffee Apple. Sorry Pumpkin Spice lovers but there’s always next year...

Our delicious new Toffee Apple scent πŸŽπŸŽƒ

Toffee Apples are the unsung heroes of Halloween. They’re sweet yet fresh and we don’t eat them enough, let alone make the most of them as a deodorant scent. When I told my friend who works in a toffee apple factory we were launching a toffee apple scented deodorant, he told me to shut up and stop being silly. If you're reading this Tom from the toffee apple factory, here’s proof we launched it and there’s one in the post to you right now.

So how did we go about making a Toffee Apple scent? Well, there was lots of smelling involved. Luckily, we’ve all kept our sense of smell so we were able to do that part. Like all our deodorants, we use essential oils and the scent we’ve made with only natural ingredients is pretty uncanny. The smell is really delicious. It’s got the sweetness of toffee, but not overly sugary that you feel like you’ve eaten a whole box of chocolates before lunchtime. And then you get the apple. It's like a freshly spiced apple and will leave you feeling festive right to your core. You’ll definitely be coming back for another swipe.

To keep our customer care team happy, let’s answer some FAQs before our inbox becomes overrun with questions. Don't panic- it won’t leave your armpits feeling sticky like a toffee apple. It’s actually incredibly smooth and just like the texture of any of our other refills. And will we be making it info a perfume? Probably. It would be a shame not to.

So whilst trick or treating might be cancelled this year, you can still get your sweet fix by ordering Wild toffee apple to your door today. There’s only 1000 available so be quick!

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