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Hair Care

You have the option to choose from our Rich & Nourishing formula, ideal for those seeking shine and hydration, or our Strengthen & Repair formula, designed to revitalise damaged strands. Whichever you opt for, your hair will be looking and feeling its best and comes with the promise of being vegan, made with natural ingredients, free from SLS, and packaged in compostable refills.

Rich & Nourishing Range

🌱 97% natural ingredients.

🦠 Made with probiotics

🫧 Gently cleanses to leave hair healthy, soft and with bouncy volume.

🌡 Contains botanical extracts from aloe vera, bamboo and radishes to leave your scalp and hair healthy and hydrated.

Strengthen & Repair Range

🌱 98% natural ingredients.

πŸ’¦ Rich in vitamins to enhance overall hair hydration and scalp health.

πŸ’ͺ Enriched with vegetable proteins to help repair damage and improve strength.

Available in...

  • 🌸

    Cherry Blossom

    Rich & Nourishing range

  • πŸ‹

    Pink Grapefruit & Lime

    Rich & Nourishing range

  • πŸ₯₯

    Coconut & Vanilla

    Strengthen & Repair range

Refillable, natural body wash

🌱 95% natural ingredients.

πŸ’¦ Gently cleanses away impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture

πŸ’ͺ Rich, creamy lather leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized after every shower.

πŸͺ± Made with 100% plastic-free compostable refills

Just like our deodorant refills, our body wash and hair care refills are plastic-free and made entirely from plants. This makes the refills fully compostable at home, breaking down in less than a year without leaving harmful residues like microplastics. Even if you don’t have a compost heap they can be put in general waste where they will naturally decompose.

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