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Here at Wild we practise what we “peach” and we’ve always said we’re happy to bring back our whacky limited edition deodorant scents if there’s desire for it. Well, this one certainly got some serious ap-“peach”-iation, and so we’ve gone and done it again! We've made the ever-popular classic cocktail into a deodorant refill for your stylish Wild case. The heart-throb refill is officially back in stock for a limited time only making everyone swoon! It smells like lusciously plump peaches with hints of nectarine and sparkling prosecco that will leave you smelling peachy clean.

Whether you wear it for your Valentine’s date meeting someone new, whether you pop it on for a romantic date with your long-term partner, or whether you’re getting ready to go Wild out in town with your best friends around you, it’s the perfect scent for any occasion. It’s also a fantastic gift too and considerably less expensive than perfume or silk undies (and what’s sexier than wearing just your deodorant? 😳). You could even get it personalised and packed up with this luxury scent in a ready made gift for your loved one.

What even is a Peach Bellini?

Good news - the recipe is as simple as: 1 part white peach pureé, and 2 parts Prosecco. Ideally in a chilled flute, but if you go for something less typical like a wine glass, a mug or the super-trendy jam jar option, it’ll still taste just lovely. The first Bellini was poured in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani in Venice and the cocktail was inspired by the region’s enticingly sweet white peaches. The name is said to have been given as the sunset colours of this delightful drink were reminiscent of the colours used in the Venetian artist Giovani Bellini’s pieces - hence the name Bellini.

Romantic weekend in Venice, anyone?

We hope you have a February full of love. Whether you’re able to share a “peach” of your heart with someone who gives you those warm (peach) fuzzy feelings or whether you’re the love of your own life, swipe right for this gorgeous refill scent.

This time we’ve also made a bicarb-free version of the Peach Bellini scent for those with sensitive skin - so whether you fancy trying something a bit different to see if it works for you 👀, or whether you know you like the regular stuff, there's a peachy refill for you, and it will still be Wild 😉

Stock up on Peach Bellini. Hurry! This is a limited edition scent and won't last long.

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