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Here at Wild, we believe that changing to a natural deodorant shouldn’t mean having to compromise on your day-to-day routine. You want a great deodorant that’s easy to use, is kind to your skin, and is effective - and we have hundreds of thousands of customers who believe that Wild does just that!

We all know that if we want to create a more sustainable future, we’re bound to come across some bumps on the way. Over the years our bodies have become familiar with the chemicals and parabens used in ordinary deodorants, which means that a very small number of our customers find switching to natural deodorants a little difficult.

Do not worry - this is completely normal! Transitioning to a natural deodorant can take a little time and requires some patience for your body to detoxify and acclimatise to using non-aluminium products. Whereas aluminium deodorants clog up your pores and artificially prevent you from sweating, our products allow your body to do its thing without compromising on efficacy or application!

If you are one of the few people who have found the transition difficult, you’ve come to the right place! Luckily for you, our team at Wild have put together a step-by-step action plan to make your transition to natural deodorants as easy as possible!

1. Skip deodorant for a day!

That’s right! We know it sounds scary, but the truth is that your body needs some time to detoxify. If you’ve been using aluminium deodorant for a long period of time, then going deodorant-free for a day will kickstart the process of unclogging your pores.

2. Day One: Start using your Wild Deodorant

The majority of our customers find that the product works for them from day one! Others find that their body over-compensates for the lack of aluminium-based antiperspirant, and so overproduces sweat. Once again - do not worry! This is completely normal and is an essential part of the process of switching to a natural deodorant.

3. Day Four: Embrace the changes

By day four, your body will have started adjusting to using Wild. It may still take another couple of days for the product to be as effective as possible, but you are well on your way. You may find that, if you’ve been using Wild multiple times a day, you can now start to cut-down to using the product just once a day.

4. Day Seven: As right as rain!

After a week or so of working hard to re-balance your level of perspiration, your body should now have found its natural equilibrium. Your transformation is complete! Now’s the perfect time to experiment with our range of scents, and find your perfect match!

Now you’re all set for a Wild Day!

If you're still having trouble making the transition to a Natural Deodorant, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. Send us an email at hello@wearewild.com or message us on Instagram

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