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We love releasing our exciting limited edition scents and they always cause quite a stir from Pina Colada to Salted Caramel Popcorn! But just how do we come up with these wacky, Wild ideas and actually bring them to life?

Gathering Suggestions

It all starts with YOU. Every time someone writes to us to suggest a scent, it is compiled into a list that gets considered when coming up with new scents - no suggestion goes uncounted! We often see trends in the suggestions, and this is when we know we may have a winner on our hands. Next, an internal message from our operations team asking everyone in the company to submit their scent ideas. It is certainly a team effort and you can feel the buzz of everyone thinking up the next big limited edition scent in the office.

Instagram Poll To Choose New Scents

The operations team will also do lots of research about fragrance trends, data from past launches, and seasonality (i.e. valentines day, autumn etc). This hard work allows us to try and make informed decisions backed up by data when we finalise the new scent list.

Final Decisions

Next, the operations team will meet with the brand team to go through the entries and pick our the Wildest sounding ones (that will also smell nice!). At this stage we take into account both how realistic it is to achieve this smell and how well we think this will perform with our customers from a brand perspective across emails and social media. It is tricky to find the balance between something truly Wild and out there, whilst still being something that smells good enough to wear on your armpits all day!

Testing the samples

Once the scents have been decided, the operations team liaises with our fragrance house to develop the initial samples of the scents. They are all vigorously sniffed and the necessary changes are made until we reach our final version of the scent.

For our obvious scents such as β€˜Apple & Cinnamon’ is it fairly easy to replicate this at the fragrance house, however, for our more conceptual scents such as the recent β€˜Ocean Mist’ there is usually more back and forth with the samples until we get it perfect!

Launch time!

Finally, we keep our fingers crossed as we announce the new scent and hope that everyone likes it after many months of planning. We try to fluctuate between sweet and not so sweet scents to please as many people as possible - we know not everyone might want to smell like Chocolate Fondue!

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