Our new seasonal scents are now available

It's been a year since the first Wilds started dropping through doors and if you were one of the originals who ordered during the pre-sale, there's a guaranteed place on the Wild wall of fame for you. Fast forward a year, there are a lot more of you, new scents, a Wild wood, and much more. Seriously, who knew that deodorant could produce enough action to produce a feature-length film? Here’s a run down of all that’s happened...

300,000 pits have joined the Wild side

There are a lot more plant-powered pits in the world than this time last year. Every switch to a Wild refill is one less piece of plastic in the bathroom. This year, we estimate you've replaced 20 tonnes of plastic with our bamboo pulp refills. Reducing single-use plastic is what we set out to do and we’re so happy it’s actually happening.

Pics with your Wild πŸ“Έ

We love seeing you receive your Wilds so please never stop sharing your photos of your Wild and making us laugh when you proclaim your love for a deodorant. We love hanging out with you every day over on Instagram and Facebook and there’s no better space for armpit fanatics to unite.

New cases and even more new scents

You’ve shouted loudly and told us which case colours and scents you want to see. From the legendary Toffee Apple to Peach Bellini, we’ve pandered to every demand and scents have been concocted that were never made to be put into a deodorant. But just like pineapple on pizza, it might not be right but it really works.

Have you noticed our new boxes?

We’re posting packs in new boxes which are more streamlined and reduce cardboard by 45% compared with the old box. No doubt posties will still be giving your Wild box a little sniff as they put your package through the letterbox wondering what smells so good. Well we’re not sure they actually do that...but we wouldn’t blame them!

Our new packaging ✨

The Wild wood has sprouted

This month also marks a year partnered with our climate charity, On A Mission, who have helped us plant over 45,000 trees. This makes us a climate positive company which means at no additional cost to you, we absorb carbon out of the atmosphere through our tree planting mission. Every Wild case and refill bought helps tackle C02 driven climate change, increase biodiversity, and benefit local communities. Projects you’ve help contribute to include the restoration of native forests and ecosystems in Nepal and the repair of natural habitat for endangered and endemic animal species in Madagascar.

We’ve been in vogue and on TV!

Wild managed to get a feature in Vogue which we think makes deodorant high fashion?! We then clearly struggled to keep out of the limelight and co-founder Freddy found his way onto Sky news a couple of months later.

Wild on TV! πŸ“Ί

A lot more of you, and a lot more of us

This time last year we were just a team of 4 and now there’s 17 of us. That’s meant moving into a proper office - with a coffee machine - and some questionable DIY furniture which is waiting patiently for us to use when we can head back to the office.

What’s in store for next year?

We’ll be striving to be - well - even more Wild. That will definitely mean more trees, greater social action, and more scents for you to choose from.

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