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Lockdown doesn’t have to mean that love is dead.

Over at Wild HQ we think we’ve cracked love and it comes in the form of our NEW, limited edition Peach Bellini deodorant. This is the year for breaking traditions and we’re here to lead the charge by telling you this is the gift to give if you want to show your Valentine how much they mean to you. Let us tell you why:

1. It’s like a perfume but more useful.

Perfume is the go-to gift but be unexpected, be a trendsetter, and most of all be Wild and go for a perfectly scented deodorant instead. It’s got the same function as perfume - it makes you smell great - but deodorant goes beyond perfume’s one-dimensional purpose and stops you smelling in the first place. We can’t see how you can go wrong with a gift that’s both practical and luxurious. And this sweet, fruity scent will certainly take a little peach of their heart.

2. Nothing is more attractive than saving the planet

Not only does our new Peach Bellini scent smell incredible, but every time you buy Wild you’re helping keep our planet a little more Wild. Superheroes are cool but have you ever thought about being a SUSTAINABLE superhero. Picture yourself on the wall of fame with David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. It’s a fact that buying a last minute Valentine’s Day card from the supermarket doesn’t scream romance but getting a limited edition and eco-friendly deodorant will show that special someone what love really means.

3. You can’t go out to the bar, so make the bar come to you.

It’s not looking like we’ll be getting to the bar any time soon so bring the bar to you and get your cocktail fix in the comfort of your own home. It’s already well established that fruity recipes are firm favourites at Wild - congrats if you were lucky enough to get your pits on a toffee apple refill last autumn. Now it’s time for the peach. This scent brings together the clean and fresh smell of peaches with a pop of Prosecco. It’s guaranteed to perfectly glide over your curves wherever you choose to use it.

If that hasn’t convinced you that this is the gift you need to buy, we’re not sure what else we can do. Of course, we hate waste, especially the thought of a wasted gift, so pick your receiver carefully! If you don’t think your Valentine will appreciate this gift as much as they should, there’s no better recipient than yourself.

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