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When did you start working at Wild?

I started working at Wild in April 2021 and it’s been nothing short of a very Wild ride ;)

A summary of your role at Wild and day to day tasks:

As Senior Influencer Executive at Wild, I manage campaigns with German-speaking creators from end-to-end. This includes researching and finding creators that embody the Wild values, contacting them and negotiating the terms of our partnership, contracting and approving their content as well as overseeing their performance over the whole campaign duration and collecting their insights to help us make the most data-driven decisions possible.

As Wild is scaling into new and even more international markets, I am also taking charge of the strategic development for our campaign activities in Australia as well as managing my fabulous colleagues who work with Australian talent.

Additionally, I oversee all internal communications with our Operations team to ensure that creators are getting their Wild products in all corners of the world on time and are able to tell their communities about their deodorant and all of our exciting Limited Edition launches. This makes me the go-to person for any shipping related questions. Sounds chill but don’t be fooled - Operations is serious business! :D

Favourite thing about your role?

Getting to see and approve all the amazing content our creators come up with. And hearing that a creator is particularly happy with the transparent communication and respectful relationship we’re building over several months is the best compliment of all!

Worst thing about your role?

Imagine you’re fan-girling for a huge creator and have finally managed to contract them for a campaign only to realise that they haven’t received the campaign relevant products a few days before their scheduled campaign date - major panic mode activated!!

Proudest project you’ve worked on?

Won’t be name-dropping here haha! It’s actually not a creator I’ve worked with but being in charge of our product send-outs. Seeing how far we’ve come in the span of one year is what I’m really proud of and being able to service 1000+ creators all over the world with Wild products in time for their campaigns is what makes our team’s success possible.

A β€˜wild’ fact or story about you:

I’m a self-taught astrologer and tarot reader and love helping and supporting any tormented Wild member that is in need of some universal perspective - personal or professional.

What’s the best advice you’ve received, or some advice you can give out:

Highs and lows are part of working in Influencer Marketing/at Wild. You can have an amazing campaign one day and a really horrible one the next but there will always be learnings with every single campaign and that’s what makes Wild great - we aren’t afraid to make mistakes and we’ll learn from them to do better. Enough with the inspirational quotes now, come join Wild and find out for yourself! <3

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