Our new seasonal scents are now available

Camomile Tea & French Lavender is here! Have a soothing start to 2023 with our most relaxing scent yet. 🌼

Warm up those cold, dark January evenings by grabbing some fluffy socks, blankets and a hot steaming mug of camomile tea - and include your pits in the fun with our new Camomile Tea & French Lavender deodorant!

A soothing blend of herbaceous flowers to help you relax this January. The camomile scent releases a sweet, herbal aroma with floral, calming touches from the lavender, creating a truly comforting and relaxing deodorant experience.

The natural compounds found in camomile can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being, whilst also being known for its anti-microbial properties.

Not only will this deodorant leave you feeling calm, it will also reduce odor-causing bacteria and provide long lasting freshness!

Top Notes

Camomile, Lavender and Geranium 🌸

Middle Notes

Linen, Orris and Jasmine 🌷☁️

Base Notes

Cedarwood, Musk and Vanilla 🫘πŸͺ΅

It gets better… get a free Bird & Blend teabag with every purchase

Bird & Blend Tea Co. are a tea company with a difference! With people and planet at the core of everything they do, it’s more than just a cup of tea. It is their main passion to make sure that everyone can find a blend they love, and they have a wide range of calming Chamomile and herbal blends for those looking to ease into the new year.

The sample sent out with your deodorant, Dozy Girl, is one of their best selling sleepy time teas, and for good reason! It combines not only the wonderful calming qualities of Chamomile, but also the fantastic full bodied flavour that Bird & Blend is known for! No more sleepy teas that taste like nothing!

Bird & Blend share a lot of Wild’s principles, which is why the collaboration is perfect! They have a mission to spread happiness and reimagine tea, all whilst being as eco friendly as possible. Sustainability has been at the heart of their business from day one. From leaf to cup, every part of the tea’s journey is carefully designed to minimise the impact on the planet. They have recently announced their certification as B Corp, showing that they have pledged to put people and planet over profit in everything they do.

Since launching their ChariTEA Programme in 2014, they have supported over 30 worthwhile causes, each nominated by a TEAm member. So far they have donated over Β£61,350 to charity.

Bird & Blend have also offered an exclusive 10% discount code to Wild customers! Head over to their site here and use code WILDCHAM10 to claim!

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