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All you need to know
about our new cases

That's right. We've had a glow up.

Notice something a little different? We listened to your feedback and switched up our case and refill design. Our new refills mean less waste, and our new cases are even stronger. Keep reading for a full rundown of the improvements we've made.

At a glance

🌱 Reduced carbon footprint

🌱 Fully recyclable at home

🌱 Easier to refill

🌱 Stronger and sleeker

🌱 Get every last bit of deo

Sleeker, tactile, ergonomic.

Our new case needs less plastic and aluminium (we’ve made a 22% cut to both). The brand new design is also a lot lighter (20%) which reduces the emissions needed when delivering to you – a win-win for you and the environment. We also think it’s easier to pop in your bag and is feels even better than before.

Easy to recycle at home.

If you ever need to dispose of your case (not that you would want to, of course) we’ve made it even easier to recycle at home. Just take it apart, splitting out the aluminium and plastic parts and put into your household recycling collection(s).

An all round better experience.

Our new case is stronger, more tactile and easier to refill – so it’s better all round!

A smoother operator.

The new case is a dream to use – we’ve made changing your refills as easy as pie. Just wind it right down and then pull the base out (no buttons anymore!). To ease things along, we’ve made our bases bigger and our twist mechanism even stronger – so it’s more accessible and robust all round.

No more leftovers.

We’ve reimagined our refills so there’s no deo leftover – just like you asked for. It might look like the refill is smaller, but it holds exactly the same amount and can be used in our new or our old cases. So now you can enjoy every last swipe.

A seamless switch

Don’t fret – our new case and refills are fully compatible with the originals. So no need to buy a new case if yours works fine (in fact, your original case is probably a retro vintage collectors item. Go you.) If you’ve got an unusable old case you can find details of our case policy below.

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