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When we release a new scent, we always make sure to include the fragrance notes in the description to help our customers decide whether they would like the scent. But what do the fragrance notes actually mean?

Fragrance notes are made up of three components: top, middle and base notes. Using the very popular Thunderstorm scent as an example, let’s run through each note!

Top Notes

The top notes are what you will immediately smell upon application or smelling the product - they give you the first impression of the scent, so it’s really important to get it right! Although they are the first thing you will smell, they are also the lightest and first to fade and they are often citrusy or associated with freshness. Therefore, we have to find the right balance of a great smell that lures you in, but won’t be too sorely missed after a few hours. Thunderstorm’s top notes are fresh rain, lemon & lime: this works well as you are immediately hit with the smell of rain along with the freshness from the citrus

Middle Notes

The middle notes are also known as the β€˜heart’ of the fragrance and make up the majority of the scent. They work to connect the top and base notes, especially bringing out the longevity and strength of the base notes. They start to come through as the top notes are fading and are here to stay. The middle notes of Thunderstorm are Jasmine and Green leaf which provide a strong foundation for the base notes and leave a pleasant and well-rounded aroma.

Base Notes

The base notes are like the base of a song, they vibrate deeply and last a long time. They shine through when the top notes have disappeared and blend beautifully with the middle notes to increase the complexity of the scent. As the top notes are the first impression, base notes are the lasting, final impression that are often rich and smooth. The base notes of Thunderstorm are Amber, Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Tonka which are all rich and provide long lasting depth to the scent.

All you need to remember is that the top notes are what you initially smell, but fade relatively quickly, and the middle and base notes work together to create the complex depth of the fragrance that lasts a long time.

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