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This is a popular question that many parents ask themselves each year their child gets older. The truth is, there is no right or wrong time for your child to start wearing deodorant. Every growing body is different and will have different needs!


Body odour is one of the earliest signs of puberty and is due to the beginnings of hormonal changes. This can start as early as age 7 in some cases. It is completely up to both parent and child if they should start wearing deodorant. Some children may ask their parents what is that funny smell coming from my armpits? And some parents may want to protect their own noses!

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all or nothing. Some younger children will wear deodorant on long, busy, and active days or on days where they know they will exert themselves physically, and then not wear deodorant on other days! One of our customers told us that their 9 year old son doesn’t wear deodorant around the house, but during long school days in summer they will pop a few swipes of Wild in the morning!

Is deodorant safe for my kids?

Yes! Typical drugstore deodorant is not dangerous to children's skin, however it is also not the most gentle. Many parents don’t like the idea of applying harsher chemicals to their children’s skin. Instead, many may start off by using natural deodorant on their younger children.

At Wild, we have formulated the product to be gentle enough for younger skin and effective on adolescent body odour. Parents will be rejoicing that their child can smell like the gentle scents of Wild, not the all dominating fumes of an entire aerosol can doused on them! Our most gentle fragrances are Coconut & Vanilla and Orange & Neroli - these are great starter scents.

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