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🌱 100% plastic-free

🌱 No glue or plastic liner

🌱 Made from bamboo and plant starch

🌱 Compostable at home

Reinventing the bottle: Our zero-plastic body wash refills

Just like our eco-friendly deodorant refills, our body wash refills are made from plants and completely devoid of any plastic, meaning unlike traditional plastic bottles that stick around for centuries, our refills break down in less than a year, leaving nothing harmful behind.

What are they made from?

The refills are crafted from a blend of bamboo and plant starch sourced exclusively from waste plant material. This includes the sawdust left from bamboo chopstick production and potato peelings from supermarket crisp manufacturing. It's a circular and sustainable process, ensuring that every bit of material finds a purpose instead of going to waste.

How the refills are made

Bamboo, a renewable marvel, takes the spotlight in our refills. It’s a grass that quickly replenishes itself when cut down and it has natural waterproof properties which make it an ideal vessel. The bamboo is combined with plant starch which acts as a binding agent so there’s no need for glue to hold the bottle together. The plants then go through a unique heating and moulding process which turns the blend into a sturdy bottle capable of carrying liquids.

It gets even better: our production process is highly carbon-efficient, a stark contrast to the energy-intensive methods commonly employed in the creation of plastic bottles.

The bamboo raw material is turned into pellets .

From the shower to the compost heap

The refills are filled with our natural, vegan body wash formulas and then are all set for you to use. Once empty, you can kickstart the biodegrading process by rinsing it, cutting it into smaller pieces, and placing it in your compost heap where it breaks down quicker than a banana peel into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to grow new plants! Even if you don’t have a compost heap, it can go into general waste where it will still naturally break down.

Making the switch to compostable packaging may seem like a small habit shift, but it signifies a giant leap toward sustainability. Envision a world where everyday products, ranging from yoghurt pots to sauces, all come in compostable packaging that leaves no long-lasting harm to our planet. It's a collective effort, one small change at a time, that holds the power to make a significant positive impact on the environment.

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