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We’ve been busy working behind the scenes at Wild HQ on lots of exciting projects and we’re finally able to tell you about our new refill pouches. Not only will they help keep your refills cosy, but sustainability has never looked so stylish! We want to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes to show you how our pouches came to life from ideas to your hands.

Putting pen to paper

Before anything could become reality we had to decide exactly how best we could create a pouch to store your case and refills alongside each. We decided to go with a flat pouch to give the most space to have some Wild fun with designs. Wild’s mission is to bring nature back into the bathroom so our pouches feature a funky pattern of leaves created by Maria, our graphic designer who brought our ideas to life. We then spent some time thinking of our favourite pit puns to feature on the pouch. My personal fave for all the Friends fans out there was…’How you smellin?’. We also know how much you all love our case colours so we decided to keep the pouches in line with these and we think they look awesome (if we do say so ourselves)!

Our cool new refill solution ✨

From paper to pouch

Sustainability and fair trade is at the heart of all we do here at Wild and we want to make sure our pouches aren’t just beautiful on the outside, but in their production too.

We work with the company Bags of Ethics and their manufacturer Supreme Creations to produce our sustainable refill pouches. The factory is in South India, where 90% of the workforce are women. They are involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process, such as the cutting of the fabrics, merchandising, tailoring, printing, quality control and packing. These women are leaders and are often the main source of income for their families. Bags of Ethics know how hard these women work and ensure that they are celebrated and cherished, since without them, there’d be no products! Bag of Ethics is also committed to treating the planet right. They are committed to reducing their use of single-use plastic and have created bags that can be used over 5000 (!) times and almost all of them are 100% biodegradable. They are also making a conscious effort to reduce their emissions, by using less electricity when possible and sending orders via ship rather than flying parcels across the world. Pollution doesn’t just go into the air, so that’s why Bags of Ethics uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton and non-toxic inks and dyes, which do not release nitrates and other chemicals into the ground and waterways. As always, any environmental cost of shipping the pouches over to you is offset through our carbon offsetting programme.

Getting your hands on one

Ok we get it, we’ll stop talking about our pouches and actually show you how to get your hands on one! You can head over to your account page where you’ll find a ‘Shop Products’ page in the account menu. From here you’ll be able to pick a colour (we won’t tell anyone if you choose both). Once you’ve made a decision your pouch will be lovingly packed by our team and safely posted to you. We can’t wait for it to arrive on your doorstep! They’re pretty instagrammable if we do say so ourselves, you can thank us later when the likes flood in… enjoy!

Dimensions: 25cm (bottom length) 20cm (top length) x 15cm (height)

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