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To celebrate the launch of our brand new black case we’re tripling down on our environmental commitment and aim to plant more than 10,000 extra trees over the Black Friday weekend.

On top of our normal carbon offsetting program, we’ll plant an additional tree for every black case sold and the OnAMission team have agreed to match us all the way by planting an additional tree alongside us. This means, for every case you buy you’ll have a personal impact on local communities, biodiversity, soil regeneration and, of course, our climate.

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Black Friday is synonymous with pre-Christmas shopping bargains, and whilst we’re still offering a hefty bargain - 25% off - to help you buy some gifts for your friends and family, we also want to help out our planet with an extra tree-shaped gift from us and OnAMission. Trees are one of the most effective natural solutions to help mitigate climate change whilst also benefiting communities and local biodiversity.

At the moment, we’re a climate positive company which means at no additional cost to you, any carbon released into the atmosphere by us, and more, is absorbed back out of the atmosphere by trees. To work out the number of trees we need to plant to do this, OnAMission calculates our emissions by taking into account all of our activities like the extraction of our natural ingredients, the production of Wild and all the extras like packaging, transport and any emissions we make as employees. Once this total is found, we compensate 1.5 times our total yearly emissions by funding the planting of trees that will sequester the equivalent amount of carbon.

Since we partnered with OnAMission at the start of this year, Wild customers have helped up plant 20,000 trees. You can read about the projects you have helped fund in Nepal and Madagascar here.

This Black Friday weekend, we’re making our tree planting targets even more ambitious. For every black case sold, we’ll plant TWO extra trees. Over the weekend, we aim to plant at least an extra 10,000 trees to make our planet a little more Wild and to keep fighting harder to do our bit to slow climate change.

Our 25% Black Friday sale will run between 00:01am BST on 27th November and 23:59pm on 30th November 2020.

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