Our new seasonal scents are now available

That's right. We've done it again and made an "out-there" refill scent based on customer requests! Designed to smell good enough to eat, our new and delicious Candy Floss scent will evoke fun-filled childhood memories. With top notes of sweet spun sugar, complemented by deliciously fruity notes of strawberry & raspberry, this divine new fragrance will make you feel just like a kid in a candy store.

It's no secret that we love making completely bonkers deodorant scents. Last year, you voted for us to make a Lemon Meringue scent and this year, we've somehow been convinced to make a Candy Floss scented deodorant - you Wild things clearly love your sweeties! It got us thinking, what other crazy deodorant scents are out there and which one would suit you? Take our quiz to find out:

If you had to live in a big city, which one would it be?

A: But…but I hate cities :(

B: London

C: Rome

D: New York City

You have the day to yourself - what are you doing?

A: Going on a nature walk and maybe picking some wild flowers for the kitchen table

B: Trying out a new vegan recipe and hitting up your fave coffee shop as a reward

C: Reading at home, letting your soft and blankets accept you as one of their own

D: Baking fresh batches of sugar cookies during the day, and then heading into town for fruity cocktails and dinner at a dessert cafΓ©

What colour is your Wild case?

A: Aqua or Purple

B: Limited edition design

C: Black or Electric Blue

D: Coral or Pink

How would you describe yourself?

A: Full of energy and always ready to go!

B: Cool and always ahead of the latest trends

C: Quiet.

D: Bubbly and playful

What is next to your Wild?

A: My house plants

B: My beard/hair trimmer

C: My bedside reading book

D: My (secret) emergency sweet supply

Which one could you NOT live without?

A: Herbs and salads

B: Avocados and toast

C: Hot chocolate and marshmallows

D: Gummy sweets and toffees

What series are you binge-watching?

A: David’s Attenborough’s Green Planet

B: Euphoria

C: Killing Eve

D: Bake Off reruns

What’s the best thing about your Wild deo?

A: It’s eco-friendly!

B: It’s really cool!

C: The scents are amazing!

D: It’s cute as hell!

The results are in! Count up which letters you chose, and check which whacky scent is the one for you:

Our new Candy Floss scent

Mostly As = Nature’s Elixir πŸƒ

Freshly cut grass, the delicate scent of budding daisies and buttercups, and the smell of a fresh breeze on a summer’s day. This Wild refill would be perfect for picnics in the park, long walks in the lusciously green forests, and relaxing beach days (remember to wear sunscreen folks!)

Mostly Bs = Eau de Hipster 🧑

This scent would bring together the woody scents of luxury beard and hair oils together with the musky aroma of pages and pages typed out on your vintage 1966 olympia typewriter, along with top notes of your flat white coffee. It would be the perfect scent to wear under your flannel shirts or cottage core β€˜fit as you walk down the street looking like you belong in a fashion magazine

Mostly Cs = Captivated Silence πŸ“š

Combine that comforting smell of the first page of a new book, with the soft silence that wraps around you in a grand library as you sit down to get lost in a new adventure, this scent would be a gentle, homely, and cosy scent. Carry a little bit of cosiness with you out as warm vanillas and gentle woody scents follow you around all day long, no matter what excitement the next chapter brings…

Mostly Ds = Sugar Plum Spritz 🍬

So. You like sugar. In fact, you’re probably sipping on a venti salted caramel mocha frappuccino with five pumps of frap roast, four pumps of caramel sauce, three pumps of mocha, three pumps of toffee nut syrup, double blended with extra whipped cream. Perhaps with a sweet biscuit too. Your taste is sweet, to match your personality, and this will be the perfect refill for your sweet sweet tooth.

What do you reckon, should these weird (but probably wonderful) scents come next?

Let us know, and in the meantime, why not rock our Wild Candy Floss scent - those of you who got Mostly D's should LOVE this one especially! Shop Candy Floss here.

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