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2021 was a big year for Wild and we could not be more excited to celebrate it by publishing our first impact report! We have created an impact report that reflects on the positive impact we have had on our stakeholders and environment in 2021. Our report looks back on the different changes within Wild’s operations, events, or projects we carried out in the last year, and how those created a positive contribution.

The purpose of an impact report is to also communicate the difference a company has made to the people they are trying to help, or the issue they are trying to improve. In the words of our CEO Freddy Ward, β€œWild exists to close the consumer gap by delivering everyday personal care products in more sustainable packaging, whilst also using our uplifting and light-hearted brand positioning to open greener products to a wider audience of customers”. Hopefully our impact report can communicate to you our efforts for eliminating single-use plastic across bathrooms all the while making them more Wild.

Insights into our impact report

Why are we publishing this impact report?

One of our key goals as a business is to increase our transparency. Therefore, with an impact report we can offer a larger window to learn more about Wild as a business, what we stand for, what we did in 2021, and our goals and aims for the future. We are very proud of many achievements in 2021, and we wanted to take the time to highlight them and explain them better. Looking at what we did in 2021 also offers a powerful opportunity to reflect, and better understand what we then aim to achieve in 2022 and beyond.

Highlights from the report:

  1. We planted 111,678 trees in 2021

  2. We landed our product in 362 physical stores

  3. Prevented 61 tonnes of plastic bathroom waste from being chucked (equivalent to the weight of 10 elephants!)

  4. Donated Β£45k to charity

  5. Switched 50% of our deodorant production to a leading sustainable manufacturer

  6. Launched a case recycling scheme with Terracycle

What we can emphasise:

  1. We are so proud of how far Wild has come

  2. We want to continue to share more of our business and how we do things

  3. We cannot wait to keep improving in 2022 and make an even bigger impact

We invite you to read through our impact report and reflect with us on the accomplishments we have made throughout the year, along with the Wild future we have planned in the year ahead. We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved in the past year and have already begun making a bigger, Wilder, and even more positive impact in 2022!

Read the full report here

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