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Our Vision

Wild’s vision is to be a pioneer in sustainable and natural personal care, acting as a positive catalyst to raise the standards of sustainability across the bathroom.

We want to build a progressive and inclusive business that makes switching to natural and sustainable products possible without compromise.

Why does Wild exist?

At Wild’s core we want to encourage people to change their daily habits to help combat single-use plastic waste and the use of unnecessary chemicals on their bodies. We believe sustainable products have been for too long, focused on a niche eco consumer and have often failed when it comes to efficacy, aesthetic or performance. We wanted to create a modern and aspirational brand that could be environmentally friendly whilst delivering on these key areas to help take eco products into the mainstream. All Wild products need to be simple to use, convenient to order, and highly effective, whilst standing up to the highest sustainability credentials. Throughout our short existence, our innovation and product development has been led by our customers and as we grow in the future we will continue to put our customers at the forefront of the growth and development of the Wild brand and corresponding product portfolio.

Our Pillars:

Refill: To remove single-use plastic from the bathroom.

Remove: To remove unnecessary chemicals from everyday products and replace them with naturally derived and sustainably sourced alternatives.

Reduce: To reduce waste and carbon usage wherever possible. We offset any carbon we create.

Radical transparency: To create a 100% transparent supply chain where we endeavour to work directly with our suppliers and set high ethical and environmental standards.

Our Progress so far:

  • Our deodorant was the first refillable deodorant with 100% compostable refills in the world.
  • Since launching we have attracted over 300,000 customers and saved >1 million plastic deodorants from being used.
  • We have planted >50,000 trees with our partner OnAMission.
  • We have launched an end of life scheme with TerraCycle to ensure we recycle broken or out of use cases.
  • We have reduced our cardboard packaging by 35%.
  • All our products are vegan, FSC certified and are RSPO assured for palm oil.

Our Targets for 2021:

  • Improve the durability of our cases to reduce the need to replace and dispose of them.
  • Connect with and audit all primary and secondary suppliers.
  • Review all ingredients and improve sustainability of sourcing
  • Target >50% green energy usage for deodorant production by end of the year.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by >10%
  • Label carbon created on packs.
  • Educate and engage team in learning and charity days to build awareness and engagement in environmental goals.

A Wild future?

  • Look to source and produce >90% of materials and products in the EU by end of 2022.
  • Use >70% green energy across manufacturing.
  • Target being a carbon negative business by end of 2022.
  • Reduce freight travel by >50%
  • Have 100% traceability and control over all raw materials and raw material suppliers.
  • Evolve our products to improve our cases longevity and ensure we minimise impact at end of life.
  • Continually review all materials to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of sustainability.

Ultimately sustainability - both environmentally and commercially - is a journey. We are very excited about what we have been able to achieve in a short space of time but realise we have a lot more to do to put Wild at the forefront of the green bathroom revolution.

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