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Been dreaming of a Wild Christmas? We certainly have here - although a lot of our dreams tend to be Wild-themed…

Whether they are a long-established tradition for your festive celebrations, or whether you took up knitting in 2020 and now you have these giant socks (due to a stitch counting error…) which need a purpose, Christmas stockings are a wonderful little extra for the 25th December.

In the past, a normal sock was hung on Christmas Eve so that dear Santa Claus/Saint Nick could fill it with sweets, chocolates, and smaller goodies for children who had been good that year (bad children got lumps of coal, we’re afraid…). There are no clear origins for the legend of Saint Nick, but some legends say that it all started when he hid a bag of gold coins or balls into some stockings, which were hanging to dry near the fireplace, belonging to 3 ladies whose father was in need of charity to help them get married off. Problematic patriarchal issues aside, quite a sweet story, right?

Whilst gold coins are always fun (especially if they’re actually chocolate coins), we’ve got some even better suggestions for your stocking fillers this year and, of course, they’ve all come from Santa’s Sleigh of Sustainability ** Wild (...obviously)**

Our Gold Case 🌟

First up, of course, we have been in touch with the stockists in the North Pole and our Wild starter packs are ready to be flown to a Christmas tree near you by reindeer flight. (This uses biofuel. Well...carrots and other reindeer favourites)

Whether you order it online or pick up a pack whilst out doing your Christmas shopping, Wild is the perfect gift! It’s sustainable, it’s stylish, and it’s a gift for life! We’ve also got our new festive scent, Wild Pomegranate, now available - a warm yet refreshing scent, perfect for putting a twist on your day as the wintry mornings set in.

Worried you’ll be suggesting they smell bad? Well, for years we’ve been giving each other those plastic encased bath sets with at least 4 different soapy bottles which, we’re fairly sure, all contained the same thing just in different colours or with varying levels of glitter inside...Why not swap that out for a beautiful Wild deodorant? It fits perfectly inside all stockings - we’ve checked!

Critically Endangered Socks

We know, we know, but hear us out! These aren’t just any socks...

Established in 2017 when founder Dom Desmond was in Borneo witnessing first-hand the impacts of unsustainable palm oil plantations and illegal logging, the idea for a sock company whose sales help protect endangered species (such as the Borneo Orangutan, the Hawksbill Turtle, and the Giant Panda, among others!) and their habitat was born.

They work with both WWF and World Land Trust and, as their slogan says, “Our socks save species”. So what are you waiting for - it’s time to pull your socks up!

Beeswax Food Wraps

Foil? Clingfilm? Lids? Stretchy lids? Boxes? Ahh! The choices for food coverings are many, and some are clearly to be avoided where possible (we’re lookin’ at you clingfilm), but which one to choose otherwise? Well, a favourite from the Wild office, often spotted in the fridge full of leftover goodies from our fantastic creative department, are Beeswax wraps!

You can form a perfect seal, you can refresh them with wax when needed, they’re waterproof, and odour proof too! What’s not to love? They also have vegan wax options here and some festive patterns for all those Christmas dinner leftovers!

The only question is: do you wrap your wax wraps in wrapping paper or would wrapping the wax wraps in wrapping paper defeat the point of the wax wraps?

Upcircle Beauty

If you’ve been seeing Wild adverts on your social media, chances are you’re probably also seeing other fabulous sustainable brands like Upcircle too! You lucky thing.

Pioneers in using natural by-products from other industries, Upcircle skincare are heroes in the world of upcycling and waste-prevention. Whether it be their face serum with coffee oil from repurposed grounds, their body cream with the extracts of leftover date seeds, or their cleansing face balm containing a fine powder of discarded apricot seeds, their products feel luxurious, smell amazing, and most importantly, leave your skin feeling wonderful - even against those wintry winds.

As Upcircle says, “Good for you. Good for the world. What a good idea.” We’d like to add on, “Good for stockings” too!

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

It’s no secret that packed lunches are the way forward - they’re less expensive, there’s less packaging involved, and you always get to choose something you want, rather than selecting the least-objectionable remaining sandwich in the meal-deal fridges. Do you know a budding chef who’s always showing everyone else up at their office, at university, or at school with their fancy schmancy lunch, but then letting themselves down because they have to go and get a plastic knife and fork from the local café because they forgot to bring any from home...again?

Pop this cute and compact bamboo cutlery set in their stocking and they’ll be thanking you for years to come! They can give it a quick wash after lunch and keep them in their bag on-the-go, so they never again find themselves wondering how the fork they’re going to eat their stir fry.


Advocating for being imperfectly sustainable, this fantastic brand was born of frustration of not being able to find decent options for those everyday useful items like sponges, bin liners and wash-cloths. Enter Sustainable Everyday Essential Products - SEEP. With practical products ranging from bamboo dish brushes, to compostable bin liners, to a super Christmas bundle filled with eco-goodies. You'll always scrub up well with these sustainable cleaning goodies in a stocking and get 20% off with the code WILD20 (available until Jan 2022).


Everyone talks about the “perfect Christmas gift”. But perfect things can be a bit dull...what about something perfectly odd instead? Oddbox rescues delicious fresh fruit and veg that may otherwise have gone to waste directly from farmers and delivers it to your front door in a weekly or fortnightly subscription. Some supermarkets only want perfect apples, kiwis, or courgettes, but we reckon you’ll know someone who knows that beauty is potato-skin deep! Now we’re not suggesting you fill the stocking with vegetables (although that would be pretty funny), but why not give the gift of Odd to the food-waste fighters in your life with an Oddbox gift card. While you’re buying this, you might fancy hopping on board yourself and reducing your own impact on the planet. You can join Oddbox’s mission and get 50% off your first box with the code WILD


Looking back at these stocking fillers, throw in some chocolate (maybe some Tony’s Chocolonely?) and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing stocking right there!

If you give Wild as a gift inside someone’s stocking, or if you are lucky enough to be given a little something Wild yourself, tag us on Instagram - we’d love to see and wish you a very Wild Christmas!

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