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Christmas is generally accepted to be the β€˜most wonderful time of the year’ - despite the mad rush to buy presents for all of your loved ones. But remember, gift giving at Christmas doesn’t have to cost the earth (literally!)

Here at Wild, we’d thought we’d create a list of gift ideas which are not only useful (everyone loves a practical gift!) but also eco-friendly, sustainable, and supportive of smaller businesses. Of course, if you haven’t already given the gift of Wild, we reckon that could be a pretty good idea too…

In no particular order, here are some suggestions:

1. Coffy Skincare:

PRICE RANGE: Β£5.99-Β£20.00 (UK delivery only)

Coffy Skincare β˜•οΈ

Coffy Skincare is a new, independent and sustainable skincare company based in London, founded by Faye and Becca, who are on a mission to make great skincare products that are affordable and eco-friendly.

Their main product is a Java Scrub, made from upcycled coffee grounds from and pure coconut oil. They have also launched their Eco-Friendly Pamper Kit just in time for Christmas. The hamper costs Β£20 and includes their Java Scrub, as well as a coconut bowl and spoon, and a hand-crocheted face cloth.

It’ll make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves skincare and sustainability.

2. Oddbox:

PRICE RANGE: Β£12.99-Β£19.99 (London and South-East England delivery only)

Oddbox πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦

ODDBOX founders, Deepak and Emilie, created the idea of delivering the wonky veg that got rejected by supermarkets, and then thrown away, because they weren’t β€˜β€œpretty enough” (I’m sorry, but who came up with an apple beauty rating scale?).

They have a great range of fruit and veg boxes to choose from, and have also released a Christmas odd box full of the main players at the dinner table on the 25th!

Sustainable, contributes food to a local charity, reduces waste...and it’s all delicious! What’s not to love?

3. Beauty Kubes:

PRICE RANGE: Β£2.00-Β£40.00 (International delivery options available)

Beauty Kubes πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

Beauty Kubes is a plastic free and vegan brand which offers a huge range of mini shampoo and conditioner β€œkubes”. All of their plastic free products are made by hand, aided with some specialised equipment in their manufacturing facility in Cornwall, UK which is powered by green energy from solar and wind turbines.

This is the year for a bath-set that isn’t encased in countless layers of pointless plastic packaging!

4. Pact Coffee:

PRICE RANGE: Β£6-95-Β£9.95 flexible subscription, plus single purchase options (UK delivery only)

Pact Coffee β˜•οΈ

Pact ensures great coffee with compromising on fairness or transparency anywhere down the line. Each pack is traceable all the way back to the farmer that grew it, and their direct trade approach ensures that their farmers are paid 25%-125% more than Fairtrade rate; their coffee is taking advantage of no one.

Coffee lovers everywhere are signing up to Pact’s flexible subscription!

Sustainable, transparent coffee - the perfect boost for those winter mornings!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but they might help inspire further ideas for sustainable gifts too! Stockings are often a death-trap of plastic, plastic and more plastic - why not this year pop some eco goodies in there? Here’s a great website for ideas: *Eco Vibe *

To wrap things up, don’t forget that wrapping paper is very often non-recyclable! Try to use that old stack of newspapers you have, or recyclable brown paper, or if you’re feeling creative, you could try Furoshiki - the art of Japanese cloth wrapping!

P.S. Homemade baked goods are always a winner, and a great way to avoid plastic packaging - especially if you get your ingredients from a refill shop!

Have a Wild Christmas!

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