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Parabens and your Body

We know what you’re thinking: what even is a paraben? And why are they bad? It's something many of us have accepted as "bad news" in an ingredients list, without perhaps knowing exactly why. While it makes sense to trust scientific experts when they provide warnings on certain chemicals, it's still good to have a basic awareness of the reasons behind this.

Parabens have been used since the 1950s to preserve numerous beauty products, and to prevent them from developing bacteria or mould meaning that products had an increased shelf life. In the same way that you might look out for excess sugar and preservatives in the food you eat, it's a good idea to do the same for the products you put on your skin!

Parabens also ruffled our feathers as it has been widely reported that parabens don't just sit on your skin, but they get absorbed into your body's tissues as well. This absorption, especially on the underarm area which is very close to breast tissue, is concerning because parabens can mimic the effect of oestrogen, which can lead to cancer scares and hormonal imbalances. No thank you - we certainly didn't want parabens here on the Wild side!

Parabens and the Environment

Just as parabens can penetrate your skin, parabens can also be found in the environment. Parabens find their way into water systems, ultimately impacting marine life. It's similar to how micro plastics can eventually filter into our oceans and then end up inside sea creatures' stomachs!

Parabens are also linked to ecological harm, as low levels of butylparaben (a common type of paraben to look out for on ingredients lists!) can kill coral, and it's no secret that corals are vital in the preserving the delicate balance of global eco-systems.

All of our ingredients are listed on our website, and you can rest assured that our main priority is championing your skin’s natural goodness and protecting it from harsh chemicals!

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